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Franchise Financing – It’s 30% Of Our Business!

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We close a lot of loans. Through the years, franchise financing has been a staple of our business.  As I crunch the numbers, franchise financing is consistently 30% or more of our business and last month was no exception. Check out many of these closings on this page… Why would […]

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What to Expect in 2016-Free Audio Download

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Click on the link or cut and paste into your browser and enjoy my overview of the trends we can expect next year in the economy at large and commercial and business lending in particular.  Enjoy!  

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$377,000 Foreign National refinance on our Private Money Fund!

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Where?  North Carolina Type: This was a refinance for a Canadian Foreign National that was paying off the seller from his purchase a year ago.  Among the challenges on this loan is that they had a poor management company in there- so even though they had owned it for a […]

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$220,000 Foreign National purchase of a vacant apartment building

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Again, another group of Canadians are buying a small vacant apartment building. Although this one has no rehab money in it, we often can get the rehab money as well. We can take the purchase price, plus the rehab and costs and loan 60% of the entire deal. People are […]

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$150,000 Debt consolidation refinance BLANKET LOAN

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This borrower had 11 condos in a condo community, what is called a fractured condo. In other words, he did not own all the condo’s in the complex­just a hodgepodge of them. We did a blanket loan on the 11 condo’s and got a huge assortment of debts refinanced freeing […]

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­$300,000 Business only loan for a School

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This was a repeat borrower who borrowed $200,000 from us a year ago and paid it off, now he is back for a $300,000 pop. We love repeat clients if they have proven their ability to repay. Get in on our good side, and you have the equivalent of an […]

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