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Boosting Your Energy!

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Boosting Your Energy!

Staying energized during the work day is KEY to being a Top Producer. It is not unusual to see me running through my office hooping like a kid at a college football game. I am amped a lot of the time. One of my good friends and coaching partner, Nick Van Nice, wrote the following article on managing your energy. I thought you would like it. Be blessed!


5 Ways to Boost Your Energy in 5-minutes!

I’m a raving fan of managing personal energy for producing extraordinary results! I see it as my highest leverage activity. As a Top Producing Coach, I must show up fully present with clients and strive to be at the very top of my game. As a Top Producing broker, especially in this market, you should do the same!
Research from Bruce Schneider, PhD. and author of Energetic Leadership, reveals that success in sales is directly proportional to your level of energy. Making a sale is simply a transfer of energy from one person to another. But there’s a catch, your energy must be higher than the person you are speaking with. You either “entrain” them higher with your positive vibe, or they’ll stay right at home, warm, comfy and uninspired.

Here are 5-energy boosters you can do daily…… in 5 minutes or less!

1. Recite your personal mission.
Knowing who you are and what your purpose is leads to strength and conviction. I often say my mission just before making contact on the phone or in person.

2. Review your gratitude list.
When you feel blessed, you are powerful! When we focus on the richness of what we have, we shift into an abundant mindset and we see more opportunities and possibilities. Belief always precedes action!

3. Take whole food supplements.
My favorite is Primal Defense, a probiotic from Garden of Life. Primal Defense maximizes your food absorption by maintaining near perfect stomach chemistry- the foundation of your health. I also take Jinsei, an energy supplement (all natural/low carb/no fat or sugar) that boosts my mental clarity, focus and energy. Stay away from drinks that contain guarine and taurine, as they elevate your heart rate and can be dangerous.

4. Stay in the Zone!
Eat only low Glycemic index carbohydrates (slow burning) during the work day. For years I would go to business lunches, eat whatever I wanted and then experience something resembling a food coma. Yuck, no more! For maximum energy lasting all day, nothing beats a balanced combination of slow burning carbs, proteins and a little fat. In his revolutionary book The Zone Diet, Barry Sears lays out the a perfect zone diet consisting of eating blocks of food containing (7 grams protein, 9 grams carbs and 1 gram of fat). For a great snack between meals try a Zone Bar:
Quick and Easy Meal Plan for High Performers:
Breakfast of Champions: Oatmeal and egg whites with water /coffee and an all natural energy drink.
Snack around 10:00: Nuts, select fruits, Zone bar!
Power Lunch: César or Garden salad with slices of chicken breast. Avoid all Soda’s and replace with water or unsweetened tea.
Snack around 2:30: Zone Bars or certain nuts (almonds are exceptional)

5. Pray.
The ultimate energy source is God, the creator of the Universe. Ask, believe and receive. God, through the Holy Spirit, can work through you to turn even the hardest prospect into an application. A couple years ago my coach challenged me to invite Christ through prayer into my coaching sessions. It was transformational. My practice went from 4 to 12 paid clients within two months. Wahoooooo!

Committed to your success, Nick

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