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What I’ve Learned Coaching Top Producers-Part 1

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Shhhhh, this isn’t what you think. Just be present to the possibility that you may learn something: Really, it’s ok.

The gap is widening! Those who know do and the rest are fading away! It’s true. You’re either expanding your capacity or contracting it. There is no standing still.

Over the past three years I’ve personally coached over 100 business leaders/sales people (mano on mano) across several different industries. My top producing clients make some serious ching…250,000 to 7-figures a year. What I’m about to tell you has personally cost them a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears to acquire…..You can treat this as just another newsletter or embrace it as a new possibility that can change your life, but only if you are:

#1: Open and oriented to growth which according to Dr. Henry Cloud is one of the six essential traits that determines your success in business and life.

#2: Committed to taking actions necessary to collapse your knowing versus doing gap! Your ego won’t like this one, but here it goes: You are out of integrity with at least one major part of your life……It’s ok, get over yourself! Just makes you human. We all have blind spots and need objective feedback and a loving kick in the rear from time to time…. and No this isn’t going to come from your spouse or best friend. They won’t tell you the whole truth, because you can’t handle it. Even if they could, their closeness skews objectivity.

Life Changing Wisdom I’ve Learned From Coaching Top Producers part 1 of 7:

Manage Your Personal Energy.
All great sales/business builders do the same things professional atheletes and rock stars do…..They know how to get pumped up…..They design an ideal daily routine and weekly schedule that keeps them energized and able to execute in a sustainable way. Stop the insanity!!!! Design and live your ideal day……and for the love of Pete, start using your scheduling tool.

But it goes much deeper…..Your big energy gains come from knowing and living your purpose, (the thing you’re most passionate about) and fully engaging your strengths daily. These are the majors! These will make or break you. Major on majors and eliminate or delegate the rest. Just do it…..Stop believing the lie, that some how You and your role are unique. That you are stuck and there’s no way out. This lie is evil and is keeping you from your full potential. Top producers produce..Everyone else is just playing around!

Have I offended you yet? I’m cool with it. I’d rather you hate me for telling the truth, than like me for making you feel good/comfy in your deceived reality. It’s time for a change, time to play bigger!
I urge you to swallow your pride/fear and to start reflecting on this question daily:
You have one life, what for the love of God/family are you doing with it? Your ultimate success/legacy depends on it.

Over the next several weeks, I will share more wisdom from the Top Producers who have really inspired me. In fact, the next two parts will be posted this week on my blog and my Facebook pageā€¦.Join either of them and get almost daily coaching, economic, commercial tips and strategies. Just click the links below and then join either and get fed positive stuff all week long!

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