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A Fast Track Method to Explode Your Business!

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Most Realtors and Mortgage People get as much as 90% or more of their business from past clients and friends referring them the business. That’s 90%!  Yet most people spend almost no time marketing to these people.

If you want to explode your business, I am talking at least a doubling of your business, you just need 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.  The cost is free, you just need the effort.  Every day, and you should make it roughly the same time each day for consistency, you block out one hour and you just start calling your friends and your past clients.  Not to sell them anything, just to say hi. Talk to them, keep that relationship alive.  One hour a day, that is all it takes.  Set a goal like talking to 10 people during that hour.  Make sure you have all their accurate information so your database is current.  Your database is your equity in the business.  You lose it, and you are starting from scratch.

That one hour a day will not only get you new business-as some of these people have needs right now, but it will also keep you top of mind with the people driving 90% of your business!  There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR LONG TERM SUCCESS-and the kicker is, it is FREE!  Wow.  So get those names together, friends, family, past clients, local connections and business cards and just spend an hour a day making calls.  You do it every day for 30 days and I promise you, your pipeline will fill up quick. And these calls are fun once you get past your fear of doing it.  You are just touching base with old friends!  How neat is that?  Just one hour a day and in 30 days, your business can be transformed.

Have a great week and be blessed!


p.s.  Obviously, I am more than just a commercial mortgage consultant, I am a business partner that is committed to helping you grow your business.  Give me a call today and let’s get together and brainstorm ways to grow YOUR business.  My number is 770-908-1672.  Take care!