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A Time Management Tip….

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I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Doren Aldano for about 200 loan officers on the topic of time management. One of the neat things Doren did was get a bunch of questions from LO’s regarding time management. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be answering a lot of those questions, the first one I want to tackle has to deal with working from home,

“Brian, I work at home and my family does not always adhere to the ‘Daddy’s at work’ scenario. How do I make that a reality?”

Well, this is a great question because many LO’s and Realtors do much of their work from home. And families, especially small children, can be quite demanding. But the key to staying focused at home is the same as staying focused with the interruptions at work-you MUST respect your time. The problem is not that the family does not respect your time-it is that YOU don’t. You allow those distractions. It is like I tell my processors who want to block off 2 hours to review files without talking to any LO’s, as soon as they take that one call from that LO they no longer are on black out. Listen, you are working hard to provide for that family. You need to be deadly serious about distractions. If you don’t take that time seriously then how can you expect them to take it seriously? Some simple tips that will help:

1. Set aside an area that is a work only area. When you are in that area, you are off limits.
2. Be serious when the family violates that time. The key is consistency and discipline. If every time your children interrupt you while you are in the work space they get grounded or punished, every time, they will stop interrupting you in short order.
3. If you have a spouse that does not work, have them be the go to person for the children.
4. If you are a single parent, and do not have any childcare help, then block out 5 minutes once an hour where you ask the kids if they need anything but make it clear the other 55 minutes you are off limits. If once an hour is not enough, do 5 minutes every half hour. The key is to make sure that for long stretches, you are uninterrupted.

This is really not that much different then at work. People want to come in and talk to you and shoot the breeze or associates have problems or issues that come up. When you are blocking off 2 hours to make calls you are OFF LIMITS. This is how you make the money, everything else is wasting time! You need to be serious about protecting these blocks and your time or you will never maximize your time to the fullest potential. Hope that helps!