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Did you make it to my recent “Meetings with Mortgage Masters” teleseminar interview where Doren Aldana, the Mortgage Marketing Coach, grilled me to reveal my Top Producer time management secrets?

If you missed it for whatever reason, I have good news for you.  
I’ve arranged to get you complimentary access to the MP3 audio replay of the entire interview. The regular price is $47. You get it free of charge.
Get instant access to the audio replay now at:

Here’s just a portion of what you’ll learn…

Time for Marketing
– How much time per day/week should I be marketing? What is the best use of time for marketing? (i.e. in office visits, phone calls, emails)

Building Consistency
– How do you keep going 5-6 days every week, every month, and keeping the consistency in doing it?

Creating Boundaries
– I work at home and my family doesn’t always adhere to the “Daddy’s at work” scenario. How do you overcome this?

Honoring the Schedule – How do you not only establishing “Time Blocking” but sticking to it. Every time I set it up, very important calls cause me to go off-point, and then it’s difficult to get back on the schedule. What’s the solution?
Success Secrets
– How does a new loan officer with no referral partners and a small list make it in this business?
Assistant Secrets – How do I hire the right assistant to help me grow and manage my business?

Screening Borrowers – How can I streamline the interview process to weed out unqualified borrowers w/o offending them, and turning off referring Realtors?
And much, much more!
Get instant access to the audio replay now at:

We are so committed to motivate and inspire you to learn my highly effective time management secrets, we’ve even prepared a 6-page “Notes Sheet” to make it easy for you to follow along!
Have this study guide printed out before you listen to the audio replay:

Dedicated to your success,
Brian Peart