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How Important is Technology to a Good Time Management System?

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This is one of the questions I got asked prior to my interview on time management that I did not get a chance to answer. I think people get engrossed by technology and miss the point of time management. Time management is NOT about getting more stuff crammed into a day, it is about spending time in the activities that bear the most fruit. It is about balance and control. It is about being a good steward of the time you have been given.

Technology is a tool that can help, but misused, it can also hurt. And hurt bad. We have more time saving, technology laden tools than at any time in history. So why is everyone so frantic, frustrated and struggling? Obviously there is a disconnect.

The disconnect comes in the form of distractions. Social Media can be a great tool for business and staying in touch but it can also become a huge distraction, like e-mail, and actually hold you back. The core of the problem though is not technology. Tecnology-like money, is a useful tool but it is not time management. Those who allow e-mail, facebook, tv and more to intrude excessively upon their life are missing 2 key things:

1. They are not clear on their mission. They lack urgency.

2. They are not focusing on the task at hand and honoring their time blocks.   Let me explain….

1. Being clear on your mission, and focused, helps keep you focused on the tasks that matter.  When you leave work to head home to your family, are you spending quality time with those kids or are you getting online, chatting with others, checking e-mails, answering the cell phone?  When you are at work, do you find yourself checking e-mails every 15 minutes, surfing the web, or logging onto Facebook constantly to chat?  If you really had a clear vision and were passionate about your mission then these things would be minimized.  Think about the day before vacation, you are focused, a machine, you don’t waste time in chit chat-you get it done.  Why?  Because you are going somewhere, there is a timeline, and you must get the most important things done in that timeline.  We need to take time to write a mission statement and tie it into all phases of our lives.  If we are not crystal clear on where we are going, how will we get there?  Get clear on your mission before buying all the techie gadgets to try to be more productive.  Without a mission, you will only succeed in adding more junk that does not matter to your already full plate.

2. Not respecting your blocks.  Here is what that looks like, you have blocked off 2 hours to call key clients and drum up some sales.  While on the first call, you log into your inbox and see an urgent message.  You finish up that first call, and then go handle the “crisis”.  Instead of making 10 calls, you make 1.  This is one of the main dangers of multi-tasking.  You don’t finish the job at hand.  Doing this day in and day out will limit your income and your life.  When you are at work, work.  When you are making calls-make calls.  When you are at play-play.  Multi-tasking is actually the enemy of good time management.

And if you are not careful, technology can also limit you.  Technology is a tool, not a master.  Get clear on your vision and focus on the task at hand and you will have more quality time, income, and happiness.