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More Time Management Guidance!

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Last week’s tip on time management was really well received, so I thought we would send out another one.  Someone asked this question because of last week’s tip,

What is Time Blocking and how is it managed?”

Time blocking is the act of planning your weeks into blocks of time instead of a jumble of to-do’s on an activity list.  To-do lists do not really work, you stay focused on tasks and although you get crisis situations handled, the important stuff that leads to a great life gets put on the back burner.  You time block already whether you know it or not.  If you book a meeting with a client from 10-12 then you just time blocked.  You know the importance of blocking off time for that important client, all time blocking is, at it’s core, is blocking off time for YOUR important tasks which are critical-but not urgent- in other words they can be done at any time and because of that, they are put on the back burner when you are focusing on only to-do’s.

Making marketing calls consistently every day is critical to your long term success but if you don’t block off time to do them, say between 10 and 11, then they will get pushed to the back burner as you handle the Johnson crisis.  However, if you were in a meeting with Mr. Thompson, a key client, you would handle the Johnson crisis AFTER  your meeting.  When you block off time for marketing calls, and treat them with the same importance as that key client meeting, (in other words, you don’t check e-mails, don’t answer inbound calls, you just focus on the task at hand-marketing calls), then you actually get them accomplished each day.

This holds true for everything that is important to a good life but not urgent.  Time with your spouse, time with your kids, exercise, time with the Lord, all of this is the “stuff” that makes a great life but they are not urgent.  They can be done any time and if you do not block in time for these important activities, they will be pushed to the side as your to-do list grows and grows.  TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.  BLOCK YOUR ENTIRE WEEK OFF INTO BLOCKS AND MAKE SURE THE IMPORTANT STUFF GETS IN THERE.  The life you lead will be far greater if you do this one simple thing and truly take responsibility for it.  Give it a try and you will be amazed at the results!


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