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There is a vacuum of knowledge about commercial financing, it’s amazing.  I was speaking  at a local Commercial Real Estate Company.  They had almost no knowledge of the types of loans available to them.  I was stunned.  These were commercial Realtors.  By and large, they left the financing up to their client.  But if you leave financing up to the customer today than you are leaving the biggest piece of the puzzle up to chance.  Did you know that 80% of the loans I close were turn downs from major banks?

There is a big difference in the way an underwriter looks at a loan when they want to do the loan verses when management is NOT wanting to do the loan. Makes all the difference in the world.I will share with you the types of deals that are getting funding in today’s market as well as tips for getting deals closed and funded.  Please make sure to be on the call so you do not miss out on this valuable information.

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the Webinar. I remembered a lot about what I do know and learned a lot about what I didn’t…you did a great job!!”

Madolyn M. Cole
Commercial Realtor
School Investment Properties, Inc.