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What I’ve Learned Coaching Top Producers (part 6 of 7)

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 Think Abundantly!                Hold on, we’re going to explore a blue ocean strategy called new possibility thinking. A mindset you know, a mindset to grow…and often a mindset that eludes you!              During the subprime finance melt down I was coaching about 20 mortgage brokers. The guys that focused on the negative saw their sales drop 20-30% within weeks and some closed their doors. The brokers that responded differently got different results. One broker from Houston said, “yea that cost me a lot of refi business….I guess I’ll just have to focus more on purchases and start calling on my realtor buddies again.” He went from closing 7-8 loans to 10-12 loans/month within 60-days. Within six months he was doing 30 closings and had his most profitable year ever. 

 The main lesson is this, whatever you focus on you create! Focus on lack and scarcity will come on you like a thief in the night. Focus on what’s right and where opportunity lies and you will attract opportunity. The same holds true for relationships. Focus on the good in others and those qualities will grow.  I love what Ben Zander, professor and author of The Art of Possiblilty does. He starts every new class by giving each student an “A”.  He tells them they are all excellent students and that unless they act out of character and change his mind, they will receive an “A”. His results have been exraordinary.     

 Wisdom I’ve Learned Coaching Top Producers:

 To see the good in the bad.

  • To take full responsibility for my circumstance and life.
  • Complaining is always a form of deferring responsibility and thus always disempowering.
  • That all problems are merely opportunities to expand capacity in disguise. 
  • There’s always more business out there, than a single professional can handle regardless of competition/market.
  • That your core beliefs/mindset determine what you see as possible.
  • That people always act out of belief and never outside what they see as possible.
  • That the brain can’t tell the difference between a fact and interpretation.
  • That managing personal energy is positively correlated with your level of abundant thinking, regardless of external circumstances. 
  • You don’t make what your worth or even the value you provide others, you make what you expect to make not a penny more.
  • That miracles happen to people who believe in miracles.

 Practical Ideas to Boost Your Level of Abundance

 1. Develop Your Faith with Spiritual Disciplines.    

a. Daily quiet time of prayer, reading and meditation. Try the One Year Bible format.

b. Pray God’s promises over your situation, not about your problems! 

c. Give 10% of your income to the ministry/charity of your choice.   

d. Memoralize your blessings in a journal or by erecting monuments. Imagine the conversations!   

 2. Design a Vision Board.

a. Take a large poster board and begin cutting out pictures of the things/virtues and values that naturally inspire you. Hang the poster in a place you see daily.  Seeing is believing > believing leads to abundant thoughts > thoughts lead to action > action leads to daily habits.   

 If  you’d like to have a conversation about applying these principles to your business or life  Schedule Complimentary Coaching session with me today! Next week, I will share how Top Producers stay motivated and maintain a compelling why to continue growing.  It’s not what you think!!!    

 Committed to Your Success,   

 Nick Van Nice, Founder 

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