SDIRA Product Creating a Revolution In Retirement Planning!

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Baby Boomers mostly, are saying good bye to a roller coaster stock market and rolling over their retirement plans without tax liabilities into Self-Directed IRA’s, using the money to open their own business or invest in commercial Real Estate.  I have 3 Firehouse Subs loans and another deal for the purchase of a convenience store currently in my pipeline, where their down-payment money is coming from their IRA’s. 

Although this product exists in the marketplace today, it is usually done by large companies that stay on as custodians limiting your access to the funds and incurring additional fees.  Or, you seek to have your accountant facilitate the transaction but again, not being staffed to handle such requests the process breaks down.  Our program increases your flexibility and makes the process seamless.  We have a tax accountant and tax attorney on staff and are staffed up to handle the volume.  Here is how it works.

Client faxes in their current retirement statements and we get to work.  There is no cost up front on this program.  We handle the creation of the LLC or trust, draft the documents needed to roll over the funds with no tax liability, and prepare the transfer form.  The client signs the transfer form and we handle the transfer.  Once the monies are in your account, you then have 60 days to deploy the money into a Real Estate investment or business to avoid the tax consequences.  The whole process takes no longer then 3 weeks usually.  We close one of these almost every week.  And the popularity is exploding.

The uses of this product are incredible.  You can roll over your IRA, pay off your primary residence and hold a note in the LLC or trust and pay YOURSELF interest.  YOU become your own mortgage owner!  You can choose your interest rate and terms and you STILL get to write off the interest on your taxes.  Many people are using this to buy a business combining the money in their IRA with an SBA loan.  You can roll it over and put the money into a commercial property like an apartment complex and again, combine it with a normal commercial loan to create maximum leverage.  Or, put the money into a hedge fund that securitizes the money against Commercial Real Estate at low LTV’s and GUARANTEES 11% returns (one such fund is Copper River Funding, ).  Try to get a guaranteed return of 11% in the stock market anymore! 

To get started it is simple, give me a call at 866-355-1244 to discuss the process and I will help you from there.  Fax a few forms, sign a few documents, and you are off and running controlling YOUR retirement from then on with no tax liabilities.  WOW!  Call Brian Peart today at 866-355-1244.