Suck the Marrow Out of the Day!

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A couple of weeks ago, one of my net branches re-committed to doing the basics including listening to a training call a week.  We have training calls constantly and they are taped so you can download them to an Ipod or computer, just like the conference calls.  These calls can be powerful training and in a world of negativity, can really keep you pumped up.  Below, he shared some of his thoughts on one of these calls….

“Also, along with the Commercial Conference calls I have been listening to some of the other calls on the site and man I forgot how good they are. I must have listened to the “Thoughts are Things” call at least 3 or 4 times this last week. The whole thing is great but my favorite part of the whole call is the spot that you talk about Carpe Diem.

I am a big Lance Armstrong fan and he has his thoughts on Carpe Diem, when I think back to his views on this phrase paired with yours I have to say it is has become my favorite thought/phrase because of what it now means to me. I have found myself saying it in my head first thing when I wake up and then again all the time throughout the day.  Lance’s take is more about how he looks at things based on his Cancer fight and living each day like your last. That alone is a great and important message. But I gotta say your thoughts on it have made just as big if not a bigger impression on me.

When you say, it means not to slack, care about your health, care about your family, care about your job, you are only cheating yourself when you don’t give your best always, be the best, You just gotta worry about today, do the very best that you can do today. Be the best always, be the best Husband, the best Father, the best Loan Officer, be the best at whatever you’re doing.  Just be the best.  Suck the marrow out of the day. Wow that is great stuff!!! I know that is not the exact quote but man it has it made a lasting impact on me, especially when I pair your thoughts and Lances. When you put the right thoughts behind a couple of words it is amazing how it can change the way that you approach everything.

Thanks for your example and your consistency Brian. Oh and you also say “Work hard, play hard, live the life, leave a legacy.” You said something along the line that some people might find that philosophy cooky. For the record, I think it is a great way to live.”-  Mike Lindsay