What I’ve Learned Coaching Top Producers (part 7 of 7)

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Share Your Compelling Why!

 by Nick Van Nice, Coaching Guru

Wow, it’s been a long fun seven part series for me to write. I truly appreciate the feedback and positive comments.  While part 7 is last, it’s certainly not least! This one is huge and I have a special video tee’d up below….It’s a must watch clip. 

The old adage people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care is absolutely true….and especially when it comes to being mega producer and maximizing lifetime value. People buy from other people, not companies! Unless you are sharing your personal mission (the compelling why of what you do) your customers can only see you as a  product or service provider…..You’re a commodity.

The moment you share your compelling why, you connect at a deeper level.  If they resonate with you at a core beliefs level, the bond that forms is incredibly strong. Literally, lifetime relationships can be formed in a matter of minutes!  

For example:

A couple years ago one of my client’s shared his compelling “why” in his newsletter. To give under priviliged teens mentoring and scholarships. This guy grew up in a very abusive family and lost his Dad’s influence as a young teenager. Because of Rotary, a scholarship and a personal mentor, he went onto get an MBA and is now very successful. This broker from California is now living his dream and giving back by being the President of his local Rotary club. He impacts hundreds of teens each year. While nearly 80% of mortgage brokers nationwide have washed out, he’s going strong from his referral sources. He has deep relationships with people who want Him to succeed because they align with his compelling why!  In essense his success becomes theirs!  

Last fall I went to a client’s grand opening in Jupiter Florida. There were 50-75 people in attendance and once I said Hi to my client I started mingling. I started talking with one of the top luxury home builders in PB county.   After a few minutes of small talk, I asked him why he does what he does. After I listened with great interest, he asked me the same question. I shared that to my way of thinking, nothing was more profound than helping another person be liberated from their egoic nature (false identity from roles) and to discover their true identity/purpose. I then lasered it with my mission: To inspire and equip Christian leaders to discover their purpose, design their life and live their potential for advancing the Kingdom. In that moment, we bonded and he’s become one of my top client’s and friends.  

Suggested Action:

1. Develop/Update your personal mission.

a. The process entails assessing your skills>passion>values>market need and then using a template to craft your mission statement.   

b. Integrate your personal mission into your business mission and into the story you tell the public. 

c.Resources to Help You Craft Your Mission. 

2. Watch the TED video now. 

If you’d like help discovering your compelling why/personal mission feel free to Schedule Complimentary Coaching session with me today! Next week, I will begin sharing more of my compelling why and the principles that energize/drive me!