Which Way is the Economy Heading?

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Doesn’t matter!  Ask 10 people, you will get 10 different answers and no one knows who is right.  The reason most of my tips focus on building business and not on the economy is simple-I can’t control the economy.  Every minute I spend thinking about the economy is a lost sale!  The truth you MUST embrace is the following:

 “Regardless of the economy, there is more business being done in your area than you can possibly write up.  The only question is, how much of it will you get?”

 This thinking focuses you on what you can control and one of the things you can control is your salesmanship.  I found the following article by Jeffrey Gitomer that lays out some basic characteristics of sales people-you can work on these! Most of them are mental anyway.  Much of it you already possess!  So read on and if you want more info on Jeffrey, you can go to www.gitomer.com .  Enjoy!

 “Last Week I promised you a more complete list of characteristics, so you could judge yourself- measure yourself against the elements that make salespeople who they are and successful at what they do. And for those of you who hire salespeople, a checklist of the real things to look for in a potentially successful person.

NOTE WELL: If you want to succeed, you better be somewhere between 8 and 10 (on a 1-10 scale) on every one of these characteristics.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 12.5 individual characteristics that would make any person a “hire-able” and “succeed-able” salesperson (you included).

1. Smart. Salespeople have to be smart enough to think on the spot and deal with every kind of situation as it happens. CAUTION: Very experienced salespeople, who think they know everything, are most vulnerable to be beaten by a smart person with hustle.

2. Self-starting. Great salespeople don’t need “motivation.” They have a built-in fire that’s somewhere between a double espresso and a Red Bull. Nobody has to tell them what to do. They know what to do. And they do it. They make the first call of the day and the last call of the day.

3. Great Attitude. Great salespeople believe they will make every sale. Great salespeople take “no” as “not yet.” Great salespeople accept every lemon thrown at them by management, customers, and accounting-and they use those lemons to open up a lemonade stand. A great salesperson is able to take everybody else’s crap and somehow turn it into money.

4. Excellent Communication Skills. Great salespeople are not “good” communicators. They’re great communicators. Their message is both compelling and transferable. Their passion and their belief system are as contagious as their enthusiasm. And they’re able to articulate in a way that gets customers to buy more often than not.

5. Physically and Mentally Fit. The statement speaks for itself and implies that you work out on a regular basis by working your mind and your body. You exercise your mind and body before you get to work (push-ups and brain-ups) so you feel good- and that good feeling is projected every time you interact with a customer.

6. Computer Literate. There’s no excuse for a lack of computer literacy other than stubbornness and laziness. The Internet will rule the economic world in less than a decade. And those who ignore this fact will find themselves completely unemployable after they get fired from their present job.

7. Focused and Goal Driven. Having a goal is a basic fundamental element. Having a plan is a basic fundamental element. Keeping your eye on the prize, and steadily working toward it, is what separates those who do and those who don’t. “Goals without focus,” is like an automobile without gasoline. It looks pretty, but it can’t get you anywhere. Focus is the fuel that will take you from where you are to your goal: your destination to where you want to be.

8. Dedicated to Succeeding. With great salespeople, it’s not just a matter of goals- it’s a matter of achievement. Multiple achievements lead to success and a self-confidence that keeps the momentum going from sale to sale.

9. Past History of Success. Every time a great salesperson makes a sale, it remains in their self-confidence memory bank and can be called upon for positive energy in any situation. The more you succeed, the more your success is likely to continue.

10. Looking For a Career, Not a Job. If a salesperson has a base salary and a commission, the person with a “job” wants a raise in base pay. The person with a “career” wants a raise in commission.

11. More interested in personal success and personal development, than money. Salespeople who work for money rarely achieve it. Great salespeople work to be their best and dedicate themselves to that process every day. And as a result, they earn tons.

12. A Constant Student: Willing to Learn and Adapt. Great salespeople know there is always more to learn. They dedicate themselves to being better, being best. Great salespeople know that learning from their past allows them to adapt and be ready for new encounters and new challenges. It’s the difference between “already knowing everything” and “lifelong learner.”

12.5 Taking Joy in Serving Others. This is the “master” quality. One of the best salespeople I’ve ever known is Mark McDonald. He signs his letters, “I love to serve.” And he does.

Notice one characteristic missing? Sales skills. I’d rather have attitude and brains than selling skills any day. I can teach someone to sell. I can’t teach them to be smart or happy.

Easier answer. Compare these qualifications to the best salesperson you ever knew. Compare them to the best salesperson you ever had. Compare them to yourself. Ouch.

Now that you know the criteria, you have some work to do.”


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