How to Thrive in this Market!

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Last week, we met Jack and learned how he is getting by in this market and we talked about how getting by is actually pretty good in this market.  But many people want more.  They want to thrive.  It is important to note that we are in a mature market!  See my past articles on the Law of the S-Curve to understand what a mature market means.  But in a nutshell, mortgage volume peaked in 2003 at $4 Trillion and for 4 years after that, the market still held up above $2 Trillion driven by cheap money and a crazy purchase market.  But that is gone.  It is likely we will not go above $2 Trillion again for a very long time and kiss $4 trillion good-bye.

Think of the Nasdaq; it hit 5000 in 2000 when it peaked and 10 years later, still trades under 2500.  If you invested in the Nasdaq in the last 10 years you likely lost money or at best, tread water.  Despite that down market, there have been a few superstars that have blown it out like Google and Apple.  So it is possible to thrive in a mature market.  But you need to be one of two things: you need to have a niche product or service – something unique to you like Apple with its Ipod / phone / pad or you need to be the very best at what you do like Google with its search engine.  It is the same in the mortgage industry.  Doing what you used to do will just get mediocre results.  You need to either be unique or be the best if you want to thrive in a mature market.  So let’s discuss these two paths to thriving:

  • BE UNIQUE: I saw back in 2007 that we were already past our prime and saw a train wreck coming and fully committed to Commercial which is a niche.  There is little competition, no licensing and a wide open field.  I took the time and effort to learn the trade; and now have applied the same marketing techniques I used to jam as a residential Loan Officer but to a new market that has never seen it.  The result is tremendous.  This month should be the best month of income I have ever had!  All from commercial.  It is a niche I targeted and now with my net branch, I am helping others get there as well.  There are not a lot of unique products right now in residential, so I would focus on unique marketing angles if I wanted to go unique.  For example, a few years ago, a Realtor came out with a slogan, “I will sell your home in 90 days or I’ll buy it”.  That marketing niche took off and others then copied it but that Realtor was first to market.  The big rush right now is to capitalize on social media although it does not appear anyone has cornered that one yet.  Creativity and a willingness to take chances are the hallmark of this strategy.


  • BE THE BEST: It is not good enough to just be good if you want to thrive in this market.  If you are good, then you can get by.  But if you want to thrive, you must be the best.  I have the privilege of coaching people who are at the top of their game and here are some key things you MUST implement if you want to go from good, to great….


  • Pay for training:  The best Loan Officers in this business have coaches – period.  They spend money to improve their game.  There is no other factor as consistent among the top producers as this – they put money back into training and work on their game relentlessly.


  • Systems: Top Producers have follow-up systems in place.  They have a loans in process system to follow up with clients once a week to update them on the loan and to ask them for more business; they have systems to follow up with any client that is hot that they have pre-qualified and they have systems for marketing.  In my Top Producer training course called, Journey to Greatness, I teach you these systems in depth so you can dominate your competition.  I have applied these very same systems in commercial and in just 9 months, have become the number 1 commercial Loan Officer in the country.  They work, even today.


  • Take time management seriously: Players look at their weeks in groups of blocks and make sure that they spend the greatest amount of time doing what brings in the most money – namely, talking to prospective clients. As the volume from their marketing grows, they bring on assistants to do the tasks that have to be done but don’t bring in money – like loan submission, lead follow-up, etc.


  • They review their performance weekly/monthly and quarterly to find ways to improve and grow the business: Once you get momentum, you still need to prune your business, tweak it, to help it to grow to its fullest.  Never settle for just OK when greatness can be yours.

As I have said, I am coaching people that are applying these techniques right now and I am doing it myself in Commercial and enjoying monster success.  If you want to thrive – you need to choose one of the above paths and stick to it.  It requires focus, effort and energy toward a goal but it CAN BE DONE.  And I can tell you from personal experience, the view is way better at the top and it is well worth the effort to get there!

Have a great week,

Brian L. Peart

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