Why Plan Your Year?

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Someone shared with me the other day that they were too busy to take time away from their business to do a strategic plan; that they had a basic idea of what they wanted to get accomplished and that they just did the next thing in front of them as fast as possible.  And that sounded good until I asked them this, “Are you tired?”

This is when they opened up that they go 90 to nothing all day and feel like butter that has been spread too thin over too much toast.  They are succeeding by the world’s standards but are not really experiencing joy in their life.  Strategic planning is NOT about getting more done in less time, or running around like a chicken with its head cut off; it is about focusing on the life you desire and architecting the steps to get there REGARDLESS of the market.  If you are not making ends meet, it helps to craft a strategy around your strengths that helps grow your business. If the money is flowing good but you are stressed out and not really experiencing joy, a good strategic plan can get you to that place where the money is still flowing good, but you are under control and comfortable knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Wherever your situation, a good strategic plan is the cornerstone to a successful year.

Every year around this time, I get into game planning mode and start the process of engineering my next year.  It is not something I do lightly.  Every year I also hold a conference call on the Askbrianpeart.com site regarding this process and go over all the details and it is consistently the top rated call of the year.  This call gives you my insights into crafting mission and vision, I will give you tools and guidance on crafting your plan and how to structure a life that exceeds all you imagine.  Don’t lose sight of your dreams; they are right around the corner.  A good strategic plan is the launch pad.  This breakthrough call will be Tuesday, Nov. 2nd at 1:00pm EST.  I want to give you plenty of time to work it into your schedule.

Last year, I laid out my plan for 2010 in one of the toughest markets in America – commercial mortgages – and set a bold goal of 20 closings a month (up from 3-5 a quarter last year).  Come December, there is a very good chance I cross that mark.  This would be the equivalent of going from 10 closings a month in residential to 200 closings a month in just 1 year.  All based on a great plan.  The same basic plan I used in Residential so many years ago.  This same strategic process can be used by YOU to maximize your strengths and live the life you imagined. So don’t miss this call, it is FREE to all paid askbrianpeart.com subscribers and I promise it will be very powerful.

To become a member, click on the link below and I look forward to talking to you TUESDAY, NOV. 2nd at 1:00 EST!!!!



P.S. Remember, it is go time.  Changes are coming, the market will be different next year and you need to have your plan in place.  Let me give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to plan an awesome year.  Join askbrianpeart.com today by clicking on the link above and I will talk to you on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd at 1:00pm EST!