How to Close Commercial Loans In Today’s Market!

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I personally closed 9 commercial deals last month alone-and have more than that scheduled for this month.  The secret I have found to closing loans in today’s environment comes down to 3 things:

  • Diverse nationwide funding sources. We closed a $7.1 Million construction loan of a movie theatre in South GA last week.  We also closed a $125,000 cash out private money loan for raw land with a cell phone tower on it in California and everything in between. Having both national and local sources as well as private money, multiple SBA lenders, life companies and hedge funds and more allows me to get deals done quickly while others are spending time just trying to find anyone to do their deal.
  • Creative solutions.  We take products like our Self Directed IRA Rollover Loan and apply them to other loans to help strengthen or in some cases, help fund deals all together.  For example, a client was leaving corporate America for good and wanted to start a Firehouse Subs Franchise.  But with no restaurant experience, and no collateral, this was going to be nearly impossible.  But we found a way to do it by rolling over his $235,000 IRA and getting him all the cash he needed to open that restaurant with no tax liabilities!  We use securities loans, private loans, factoring and more either by themselves or in conjunction with other loans to fill in the gaps and get it done.
  • Experience.  I review at least 5 deals a day and talk to lenders all the time.  The more I close, the more I learn and the sheer size of my pipeline allows me to have the “pulse” of the market.  No one closes more commercial loans than me and that experience pays big dividends.

Of course, follow up, tenacity, marketing and more all make for a full pipeline.  But to get the deals closed, the above 3 things are critical.  And now there is a resource that lets you tap all of the above-it is called ( The program finder feature at that site allows you to input the info on the deal and I personally review it.  I tell you whether it is fundable in today’s market, and if so, where to go with it.  I give you the lender name, phone number and a contact there.  In essence, for $199 a month, cancel anytime, you can have all my experience, funding sources and more at your fingertips.  Of course there is fantastic training, monthly conference calls, etc that can also help build your business.  $10K or more is the typical commercial loan commission and you can get there for just $199-and you cancel anytime.  If you are struggling to get some deals done, or just want to go into commercial full steam and need help, this website is the tool for you.  Check it out today at

Have a blessed week!

Brian Peart

P.S.  You CAN close commercial loans.  You just might need some help. is the answer.  Leverage all my knowledge, lenders and training all for just $199 a month-cancel anytime.  With the potential return on investment from just one loan closing, the upside on this site is huge.  Check it out today at