$450,000 Church Purchase

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Where: Drexel Hill, PA

This deal took 10 months to close but we stuck it out and got it done. There was an underground heating oil tank that had to be removed. I had to battle the township to issue a re-sale certification and was up against some realtor’s that didn’t want to work with me. They also needed to sell another property as their source of funds for closing which was delayed multiple times. I referred an attorney due to questionable practices by the realtor’s as they were not representing the best interests of the church. We finally closed on 1/24/2011.

We have been doing church lending for many years and have had a tremendous amount of success.  If you are a church organization, you owe it to yourself to call Brian today at 770.908.1672.  Whether purchase or refinance, we have the ability to get church loans closed!