Does YOUR Life ROCK?!!

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We are one month into 2011-in the words of Joey from Friends, “how you doin’?”  If you are not nailing things, maybe you need help on time management.  I got this e-mail from Joe B. last week, it fired me up and I thought it would fire you up as well….


Thanks for calling back today.  I have to take some time to truly thank you….

About 9 years ago I found your top producer flyer in an employee’s desk that I had just fired.  For some reason I kept it.  Soon after I resigned from running a big company to start my own small company.  I attended your first ever top producer seminar in Orlando that year and, it changed my life. 

Seriously.  I made time blocking my obsession about 3 years ago.  Since then my production/income has increased 30% a year, I have lost 45 pounds and I am one of the top producers in my company, ran a 5k last summer (now run 5 miles 3xs a week).  My life seriously rocks.

I preach to everyone about time blocking.  Time blocking let me see my child’s first steps….I told a customer that I had an appointment, when in reality it was the 3 hours that night blocked to spend with Owen.  During that time he took his first steps.  I met the customer the next day, closed the deal 30 days later, got paid.  “Life goes on, just try to be a part of it.”

 I tell EVERYONE about time blocking using your doctor/dentist can’t see you today example. 

My wife recently went back to teaching riding/horse lessons.  I have preached to her since Orlando about this……She now teaches Monday from 5-9, Wednesday from 3-9 and 4 hours on Saturday.  Customer calls can’t make it during that time, she tells them she is totally booked, (Brian quote and she hasn’t even met you!), and they change their schedule to work within her schedule.  She has committed to only teaching 20 hours a week and she is 100% booked. 

I’m not trying to build your ego, but seriously, you changed my life in Orlando that week.  I am one of the top producing loan officers in my region, my wife is maxed in her career, my son is kickin ass at school, we have an awesome family (dinner, breakfast and life together), and my life seriously rocks.  I OWE IT ALL TO THE TIME MANAGEMENT YOU TAUGHT US THAT DAY.

The challenges you and I have faced since we first met are incredible.  I know that I am a better person, father, husband BECAUSE I met you.  Seriously, thank you brother.  You are the only person I can truly call my mentor.  You have changed my life.”-Joe B.

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