Help For the Journey! 03-02-2011

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There is an old saying, “if  youth only knew, if old age only could” and it speaks to the fact that if we just listen to those who have gone before, we don’t have to make the same mistakes.  Mentorship is possibly the FASTEST road to success because, it can help you avoid the pitfalls that can set you back years. 

In commercial, I have broken through to the other side.  But it took me YEARS to get here.  I first launched my commercial division in 2000 and, have made every mistake you can imagine.  I first started it by hiring a commercial underwriter and a commercial LO-paying them a base as well-big mistake. Took me 5 years before I threw in the towel on that idea.  I then fired them and started originating myself-had good success.  I then created the net branch concept which was a home run idea-that led me back into CEO mode-no longer originating, just overseeing others.  Then Lehman went down and the whole industry changed.  I did not jump back into originating quick enough and lost money for another year before deciding to let those people go and jump back into full time commercial originating-that was October of 2009.  Over the last year and a half I have gone from no loans and no pipeline to 60 loans and this month I should finally break through the 10 closing barrier-no one closes more commercial loans.  But, I have been there in the beginning stages as you are building the business, I have seen the deals roll and, die for crazy reasons.  I have experienced three months in a row with no closings-when you are, sweating even your base bills.  Been there, done that.  I say all of that to say this, I know the mistakes you will make, the problems you will face and HOW TO AVOID THEM…  if you will listen.

I have a few branches that have committed full guns to commercial and, are experiencing success.   I have a lot of others that are still “dabbling” in commercial.  I know what they will face and,  I can help them avoid it IF they will listen.  Every day I hear horror stories of different branches making some mistake I warned them about-why go through the pain if you don’t have to?  Next Thursday I will be holding a webinar for my net branches and members of the commercialhotline on “10 mistakes you are likely to make in building your commercial business, (and how to avoid them)”  This call is literally months in the making as I have seen mistake after mistake personally and, amongst my branches.  They are all easy to avoid.  IF YOU WANT TO SPEND 4 YEARS FIGURING OUT COMMERCIAL BY YOURSELF UNTIL YOU FINALLY BREAK THROUGH-IGNORE THIS CALL.  BUT, IF YOU WANT TO GET THERE QUICK BY AVOIDING THE SET BACKS THAT CAN SEND YOU BACK MONTHS OR YEARS, YOU MUST TUNE IN! 

It is that simple.  This is a MUST call for anyone serious about building a thriving commercial business-you will literally avoid this call at the expense of your income and family.  PLEASE don’t make the same mistakes I have made-PLEASE get on this call.  It will be well worth any effort you make to be on it.  The webinar is NEXT Thursday, March 10th at 12:00 pm EST.  If you are a net branch, you will be e-mailed the info.  If you are not a branch, you can still join the commercial hotline and get on the call.  Just $199 for the hotline and, it has not just this call but, all the tools and training you need.  Go to and click on the store icon to join.  Talk to you then!


P.S.  DO NOT MISS THIS WEBINAR, “10 Mistakes You Are Likely To Make in Building Your Commercial Business, (and how to avoid them)”.  This call will save you 4 years of struggle and, errors-no holds barred, every major mistake you can make.  I will openly share these and, tell you how to speed the process of commercial success.  To get in on the call, you must either be a net branch or a member of the commercial hotline.  To join the commercial hotline, just click on and click on the store.  This call is one of those MONEY calls that can change the game for you.  I have been working on this call for months-you don’t want to miss it.  Join the hotline today and tune in next Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time.  Talk to you then!