Are You Really Committed…Part 2!

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Yesterday we spoke about what commitment REALLY looks like.  It is not hanging in there, with one eye on your business and one eye on the door looking for the next big thing.  It is focused intensity, forcing yourself to do the things that you must do, whether you like it or not.  Forcing yourself to make the calls, do the follow up, be aggressive and consistent IN SPITE of the circumstances around you instead of waiting around REACTING to the circumstances.

This same commitment concept goes into anything you do.  Are you in a marriage that you are not happy with?  Have you said you are committed to making it work but you are really just hanging on hoping it will get better?  Are you just hanging in there, reacting to the situations while secretly you are entertaining the thoughts of divorce and trying to figure out an exit strategy?  It is not enough to stay married until the kids are grown and just go through the motions reacting. It is not commitment waiting around expecting the spouse to do all the changing to make things better while you simply continue focusing on your life, reacting to the day.  You actually have to put effort in-be proactive.  I am talking about crazy things like-GASP- complimenting your spouse.  When was the last time you gave a compliment? I know, you don’t like them right now and can’t even comprehend saying something nice.  It is much easier to find all the flaws but may I suggest that their flaws are no worse than yours. You can’t have a great marriage without TWO committed partners.  Just one person trying to save a marriage won’t fly.  You both need to engage.

Guys,  try to initiate conversations with your wives even if you don’t want to. Ask her how her day went and listen-don’t interrupt.  Bring home flowers, text her something sweet in the middle of the day.  Maybe she will not respond at first.  Maybe the next day you see the flowers in the trash.  KEEP DOING IT ANY WAY.  Keep reaching out, keep loving.  It is not that different than marketing.  People will send out a marketing piece and if no one calls, they quit.  You need to keep sending them out…consistency wins the game.  Same goes for love.  Keep doing the little things like compliments, and being pro-active, and eventually, you will win the day.

 Wives, initiate sex once in a while even if you don’t want to. Maybe you are at a place where that thought disgusts you, oh well, do it anyway.  Compliment your guy-tell him he looks nice.  Feed his ego.  You may think he is cocky and arrogant already but I assure you, he needs YOUR compliments.  You matter.  What if he does not respond to the compliment-again, keep doing it.  Couples, PEOPLE in general, get your head out of Facebook and the TV and the alcohol and trying to escape your life, and try to compliment, build up, and FOCUS on the things you NEED to do as a husband, wife, father, mother, etc. 

Do these things even if you don’t want to and soon, your focus on the other person in your life will lead to appreciation, which will grow to love.  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON YOU LOVE.  Stop focusing on the things that don’t matter and start doing the things a good spouse should do.   Soon, life will be sweet again.  A great marriage can still be yours.  If not, continued misery.  The choice is yours, a choice to do the things you should do even if you don’t want to.  Greatness or misery, it’s your choice-choose wisely.


p.s.  So we talked about commitment in your work.  And commitment in your personal life.  And we talked about doing the things you NEED to do but just don’t want to.  But you may be asking yourself, how do I plan it all in?  My life is already crammed, how do I add more things into that day?  That will be the subject of Next Monday’s Post.  So come back to this site on Monday and find out how you can get committed both in your business life AND your personal life and have MORE time freed up then ever before!  Talk to you next week!