$1.9 Million purchase and partner buyout-Odd Property and business!

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Where:  Loganville, GA

Type:  This is a successful business that had been paying $15K a month in rent.  He was buying  the real estate that his business was on, mostly land with a couple of older buildings, not your premier type of property but perfect for this business on a main road in this small town.  We also rolled in the buyout of his partner.  All told, the new loan we got him saves him $5,000 a MONTH.  It was an auto auction business.  A boutique business, in a small town with an odd property.  He had been trying to get this done for two years with multiple lenders but I structured it the way it needed to be structured and found the one perfect source to fund it.  With all the options of financing from around the country, and a wealth of experience to draw from, we can get the tough deals done!