$240,000 Firehouse Subs Start up loan!

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Where:  North Carolina

Type:  We actually closed 2 Firehouse loans last month.  NEARLY 20% OF ALL THE NEW FIREHOUSE SUBS THAT OPENED LAST YEAR WERE FINANCED BY US!!!  That is MORE than any other lender or broker in the country.  These loans are franchise restaurant start-ups, in this case, the borrower had NO Real Estate Collateral.  But we are able to get these done.  We can also do second stores with only 10-15% down and do it as quickly as 6 months after the first store has opened.  So whether you are looking to start a business or looking to expand, we have the best resources from around the country to get those stores open.  I love these deals because it meshes with my vision for the business, which is HELPING PEOPLE GET MONEY TO FUND GROWTH IN AMERICA.