$4.85 Million Apartment Complex Purchase for a Foreign National at 75% LTV!!!

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Where: Chicago, IL

Type: This borrower from Australia who was NOT a US citizen needed to cash out his two smaller apartment complexes he owned in Chicago and purchase a much larger one with the money.  We got him one loan against all 3 properties through a Conduit that got the job done at an amazing 75% LTV!  We DO HAVE MONEY FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS-both bridge money and super low interest rate conduit money.   With the depth of financing we have available to us, we can often tailor the loan to the clients specific needs!  We have seen an influx of strong investor deals of late as people are rushing to take advantage of these extremely low rates-often into the 3’s for the best of deals! Call Brian Peart today at 866-355-1244 and see if your property qualifies for the lowest rates!!!!