$7 Million Take out loan for a Movie Theatre

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This was an end loan for a movie theatre that had been constructed and, needed the construction loan taken out.  The problems on this deal ranged from political issues at the county board trying to get the CO (certificate of occupancy) to liens against the developer of the planned unit development that had nothing to do with our client.  We fought through the issues and, got the deal closed.  What many people don’t realize is that even though 95% of our loans come to us after already being denied somewhere else, the client ends up with bank rates.  They don’t save any money going direct to the banks, they just add headaches to their life by going to places that deny them and, having to come to me second.  When they come to us first, they can close quickly and, get the same great rates without the headaches!  A total victory for the client. To secure your next victorious closing, call Brian Peart at 866-355-1244!