$750,000 Private money note discount loan on a GOLF COURSE!

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Where: Atlanta, GA

Type: Getting money for a golf course in today’s market is not easy.  This was a loan that the lender wanted off their books and were offering a discount from the $2.4 million owed down to $950,000!  The property appraised at $1.5 million so we loaned 50% of that money and the borrowers brought the difference to the table.  This loan lopped off almost $1.5 MILLION IN DEBT!  Wow!  These note discount deals are happening every month and often, due to timing issues, they need to close quickly.  We did this deal IN HOUSE with our own private money fund.  Seems like we fund one of these every month now and they are a real victory for the borrower.  If you know someone being offered a deep discount, let us know we may be able to help them save millions! Call Brian today at 866-355-1244!