$600,000 CASH-OUT on a KOA Campground-PRIVATE MONEY!!

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Where: North Carolina

Type: Borrower had a supermarket chain build out near his location and change the ingress/ egress to his property.  With limited access to the property, his sales suffered.  Because of the type of property-a campground, and the reduced sales, conventional financing was not available.  We gave him a private money loan to get cash-out to pave a NEW entrance and welcome center to boost his sales back.  Our private money loan program will fund any type of property and is designed to close quickly and help with those deals that just miss.  I am the underwriter, my brother is credit committee and we go right to commitment-usually in 48 hours! Call me today at 866-355-1244. if you need money fast!  We will loan up to $1 million.