$950,000 Purchase Plus Renovation Money Loan for Office Condo!

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Where: Orlando, FL

Type: Borrower’s business was taking off but because his last few years did not historically cash flow, all the banks shied away from it.  They needed $200,000 in renovation money as well and the office condo was the second floor of a building so it was not even a ground level property.  The combination of these factors kept most of the local banks away and the deal size was too small for the national players.  But I actually leveraged a relationship with a small Credit union, packaged the property properly and got it bought.  The borrowers, having been denied multiple times at other lenders, were ecstatic.  And the rate?  Better then almost all the quotes they had gotten at the other banks that could not get it done.  Using me will usually increase your closing chances AND improve your rate. Why go anywhere else? Call me today at 866-355-1244.