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Our borrower came to us with a nice property, good tenant, and wanted to refinance.  He had been given the run around before at other banks, promising him one thing and not delivering.  The loan was a good loan, borrower had good credit, the property cash flowed but it had a couple of hiccups that made it tough.  For starters, he lived in CA and the property was in FL.  That knocked out a lot of banks.  In addition, the loan amount was small, under $500,000 so the national players were out.  And the part that was most troubling, it was a 3 year lease.  And the borrower wanted a 5 year fixed.

Even though many people told him they could do it, in the end, the longest they could offer was a 3 year term.  When I first got the loan, I underwrote it and knew exactly where to take this loan.  I have the largest database of lenders in the country and the know how to package a deal to make it work.  I gave him a 5 year quote in writing, after much doubt-he moved forward.  And I delivered just what I promised.  He closed at the rate and terms agreed to and got his 5 year fixed.

If other banks have let you down, give me a call. It costs nothing to have me review your loan and I can usually have a pre-approval in writing in 48 hours or less.  Call me today at 866-355-1244!

Brian Peart