$380,000 Purchase and Rehab of a Commercial Building at 90%!!!!

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Where: Atlanta


Type:  This was a fast growing company that lacked historical cash flow but, was really trending higher and easily cash flowed last year.  They needed to buy a bigger building to house their growth and found the perfect building here in Metro Atlanta.  They also needed money to renovate it as well as some working capital to help during the move and transition.  We got them exactly what they needed and closed in under 60 days with normal SBA rates.  Most people lament SBA loans because of the paperwork and the time involved but if you know what you are doing and do enough of them, like I do, you can streamline the process and make it a much easier time.  The bottom line is loans like this without historical cash flow and, low money down with a lot of working capital HAVE to go SBA.  The only question is who do you trust to handle that SBA loan-some bank that only occasionally underwrites SBA loans or me who averages 1 SBA CLOSING a week?  Call me today at 866-355-1244.  I help make the process easier and I increase dramatically the probability of actually getting funding.  Don’t delay, call today!