$350,000 Purchase of a building for business expansion

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Where? Maryland


Type? Borrower had an expanding business and good credit and enough money to put 10% down, buying a building for her business expansion.  Despite having all the variables, her local bank still turned her down.  We picked up the loan and closed her in speedy fashion.  Based on the most recent data, the big banks are denying 80% of their loan applications and the local banks are denying 50%.  Some of those loans are actually very good loans, they just are with the wrong bank.  By having access to hundreds of lenders, and knowing them intimately, we can place the borrower with the bank that is most likely to say yes.  The truth is, since I will review your loan for free, you risk NOTHING by letting me take a look at it.  Keep in mind, this borrower got a rate .25% LOWER than the bank that denied her was willing to offer her!  Not only did we approve and close her, we got her a better rate!  Don’t delay, call me today at 866-355-1244.