Multiple Small Balance Loans w/ Our OWN PRIVATE MONEY FUND!

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Location: Nationwide

Property type: Any commercial property type-including land, golf courses, marinas, etc.

Loan amounts from $100,000-$2,000,000

Rates from 8% for just miss loans to 14% for raw land .

This is our money, I am the underwriter, my brother is the credit committee. I underwrite the exit strategy and he underwrites it from an investment perspective – if we both like it , we kick out a commitment. Low upfront fees, you pay the appraisal directly. We go to 60% of appraised and we WILL use a recent bank ordered appraisal if they will assign it over to us and it is by a reputable firm. We have lcosed loans as quick as a week although three weeks is the norm.

If you or anyone you know is needing money for commercial or business reasons, and is having trouble getting it for some reason, give me a call at 866-355-1244. The call is free. I charge nothing to underwrite and get terms in writing – typically in 48 hours or less. Give me a call today!


P.S. I understand that it is scary to refer people to anyone in commercial lending because it is such a different animal than something like a home loan. I try to take all that fear and risk away. I always discuss the situation with the client. I get clear on their goals and I get the information I need to determine if I can help them. I will then get them pre-approved with terms IN WRITING typically in 48 hours. I will do it all for NO CHARGE! In other words, I am the ONLY no risk referral in commercial lending. Since I close more loans than anyone else in the country, it is likely I am the most experienced referral that you could give. Call me today at 866-355-1244 or e-mail me at Don’t worry, I will take great care of them.