Truths That May Not Be True!

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Our founding fathers drafted a document that still stands today as a testament to the potential of men, gathered together in a good cause.  It states that “we hold these truths to be self-evident” and then lists great truths like “all men are created equal”.  But some “truths”, in my opinion, are not truths at all.  One popular “truth” that I want to address today is that you must “find your passion” in work and choose to do that work for your life and that if you do that…you will be happy.

And though there are some people, gifted in some unique way, who are also passionate about that gift…for the great amount of people, they are where they are.  And they are NOT passionate about where they are.  Looking around, they determine that they need to go somewhere else to find happiness because of the aforementioned “truth”.  That if they can just find this or that, they will find this elusive happiness and everything will be alright.  But what I have found is that WE HUMANS ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON.  Period.  Start focusing on politics, say in an election year, and the passion flows for whichever side you are on.  It is a dangerous thing to talk politics at work precisely because some are so passionate about it.  Focus on a sports team, and look at the passion that flows on a college football Saturday in the south.  It is ridiculous really and that comes from one who appreciates College Gameday.  The honeymoon is magical because for 7 wonderful days, you are only focused on each other.  The focus produces passion.  WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, YOU LOVE.  And passion will flow from that.

I don’t like being a commercial loan officer.  Shocking, I know, but this is not what I envisioned when I was young.  But I have a wife and 7 kids to support and I am passionate about them.  Because I work, they are fed.  They are clothed, they have a roof over their head.  My wife does not have to work, she has the freedom to stay at home or work but she does not NEED to work to pay our bills and I get great joy from that.  Next year, we will homeschool the youngest because I work and I am good at what I do.  My favorite two things in the world are to spend time with God in quiet time and spend time with my wife doing anything.  If I could do that every day, I would be happy. But that won’t pay the bills.  And so, if I leave these people I love to apply myself to something 8 or more hours a day I have a responsibility to apply my whole heart to that job.  To do my best and reap the most rewards from that labor.  And when I focus on my job, focus on being the best, I have found joy in the doing and there is passion.  If I had my dream job it would be either a pro golfer, Kirk Herbstreit’s job as an anchor on College Gameday, or a preacher.  I would be passionate about those jobs.  But to quit what I am doing, make my family suffer, so that I can find “happiness” just smacks more of selfishness then self-actualization.

Instead, God has me right here. My job is not to question that, but do my very best at it.  And by doing my best, by focusing hard for the hours a day I work, the passion follows.  AND I get the joy of knowing that my children are provided for, my wife can become all she can be, and I am making a difference.  And that brings joy.  And Joy TRUMPS happiness.  Whatever your hand finds to do, do it will all your might and you may be surprised, you may just find joy returning and passion shortly thereafter.

Be blessed!


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