$1,035,000 Private Money Bridge Loan!

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We just closed a $1,035,000 private money loan to get a client some quick cash for an acquisition opportunity that had tremendous upside.  One of the beautiful things about our fund is that you can use the cash out however you want.  And while bridge money can be used for everything from buying vacant buildings and getting the rehab cash to fix it up and make big profits or paying off my good friends at the IRS, the focus of this tip is on the loan size, $1.035 million.

Up until recently, we kept all our loans between $100,000 and $1,000,000 but an infusion of cash and the opening of a second fund, is now allowing us to entertain deals ALL the way up to $2 Million.  Most private money funds, flush with cash, still do not focus on deals under $2 million seeing them as too small and not worth the hassle.  But to us, a small fund, we treat these deals as critical loans-just as important to us as they are to the clients who need them.  And having a team and a lender that actually WANTS to do your loan can make all the difference between approval and denial.  We close loans…that’s what we do.

So whether you need to close quick to capture a foreclosed property, you need quick cash to get your business back on track or whatever the reason, our fund was created for you.  I’m the underwriter, my brother is credit committee-the response time is quick and the results are closings!  We closed two loans last week and are actively seeking to fund more.

If you need money to bridge a gap, if you need certainty of closing, give me a call today at 866-355-1244. I will personally take the call, crunch the numbers and let you know what can be done.  The call is free, our pre-liminary screening is free.  Don’t delay, call me today 866-355-1244 and consider your loan…closed