DEAL OF THE WEEK-$8.25 Million Purchase

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Where?  Atlanta, GA

Type: This retail plaza had been denied by pretty much everyone despite the fact that the borrowers were VERY strong.  The reason?  Because the seller kept horrible financials.  On a deal of this size, if you are not sure of the financials, it is hard for institutions to step forward.  They had tried for 8 months to get this loan done at numerous places before bringing it to me.  I found a Credit Union out of Chicago that looked more at the buyers strength then the property.  Although we had every imaginable hurdle including the seller trying to cancel the transaction the week prior to closing, we persevered and got the property closed.  When most lenders say no, we say yes.  Almost 100% of our closed loans were denied somewhere else BEFORE coming to me.  We will quickly pre-view any loan and if doable, kick out terms at no cost to anyone.  Once you move forward with us, we sink our teeth into the deal and have the tenacity to get that deal done even in today’s highly regulatory environment that seems to still be hindering lenders even with all the money available in commercial.  It is really simple, if you want to close the loan, give me a call at 866-355-1244 and let me make it happen for you.  Just one call can get it done!  Call Me today-866-355-1244 or e-mail me your scenario at !  Talk to you soon-Brian