$800,000 Purchase of Two Existing Firehouse Subs Locations

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Where? Las Vegas

Type? This is the second deal in 2015 where we financed the purchase of 2 Firehouse Subs at the same time.  This one was done with JUST 10% down.  One of the two locations had less than 2 years track record and that caused most all the lenders to require 20% down from the borrower.  But we have some of the most expansive franchise financing options available and was able to place him with an aggressive lender out of Tennessee that was expanding nationwide and loved the Firehouse Brand and were able to get it closed with just 10% down.  By having access to hundreds of lenders, and knowing them intimately, we can place the borrower with the bank that is most likely to say yes.  The truth is, since I will review your loan for free, you risk NOTHING by letting me take a look at it.  Don’t delay, call me today at 866-355-1244.