Franchise Financing – It’s 30% Of Our Business!

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We close a lot of loans. Through the years, franchise financing has been a staple of our business.  As I crunch the numbers, franchise financing is consistently 30% or more of our business and last month was no exception.

Check out many of these closings on this page…

Why would a business choose us for financing for their franchise?  Because we have over a hundred lenders that give us a wide array of options for the franchiser including start-ups and multiple store financing.  We have:

–  Non-bank SBA lenders that do NOT require collateral for approval

– We can do second store financing less than a year after opening your first location

– We have conventional financing for businesses with multiple locations

– We can operate in ALL franchises even restaurants and, we can do most with only 10% down (except start-ups which always need 20% for a first location start-up)

And much more.  Check out our website


P.S.  WE have money and we do not charge ANYTHING to get you to that term sheet.  We NEVER CHARGE APPLICATION FEES that are NON-refundable.  That’s right, we are the ONLY NO RISK OPTION IN COMMERCIAL.  I will preview your loan and, quickly determine whether we can get it closed or not and if so, we will have terms in 48 hours from receipt of the basic docs.  No cost, no risk.  We close you or we make NOTHING.  IF YOUR CURRENT BANK IS SAYING NO OR WORSE…TAKING FOREVER TO DECIDE, GIVE ME A CALL TODAY.  I will have you quick answers and, you’ll be on your way to a closing-just call Brian Peart at 866-355-1244.  Give me a call today! WE PAY REFERRAL FEES!