$8,560,500 Cash Out Refinance of 5 Owner Occupied Properties

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Where? Green Bay, WI

Type? This was an established business that owed $6 Million on 5 owner occupied properties spread out throughout the Green Bay area.  His goal was to get as much cash out as possible.  A successful, long standing company, but highly leveraged, the amount of cash out (over $2 Million) was too much for any local bank and the leverage that the company utilized made most regional and national banks skittish.  An intense file with lots of returns, we took the time to break down the income and pitch the story and ultimately got it bought netting over $2 Million above the existing note for use by the borrower.  This was a conventional, NON-SBA loan. Whether you are buying or refinancing, we have the loan programs that can make it happen for you!  Call Brian today at 770-908-1672.